The gap held decently yesterday but you can tell after 1600 Dow point in 5 days and a gap that the move could get pooped out. This morning, we open on a pullback but not as bad as overnight as the administration sends everyone out to tell everyone China deal will be fine. Of course, they do not tell you this administration raised government spending after telling us they would do something about debt and deficits. In other words, another group of political bull—-t artists. Conservatives my a–. Government spending, whether with the taxpayer dollar or taxpayer debt is their power and power they abuse.

Markets are closed tomorrow. We will get more in-depth with a report on the state of the market during the day. Lots of changes as many things coming up the right side because of Bernanke, we mean Powell and a supposed trade deal.

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    Peter LaBarca says:

    In a perfect world, economy is strong time to balance the books. I hate deficit. Of course you have every Democrat / Socialist coming up with massive spending programs to non problems.

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