Futures down decently. They turned down when the president talked about more tariffs and all that crap. Harley Davidson said they are going to lose up to $100 million they otherwise wouldn’t  have lost because of the EU tariffs which came about because of Trump tariffs…about $2,200/bike. They also announced they plan on shifting a portion of its U.S. motorcycle manufacturing capacity to foreign markets because of this. Yippee! The trade situation slowly becoming a mess. Imagine if more companies have to move or eat higher costs.

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    Ken says:

    Will countries move their production to USA.Produce where it’s bought.Why are tariffs good for everyone but USA?

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      Charles Gibson says:

      Yes, that’s what I’d like to know.
      I’ll accept short-term pain for some long-term fairness.

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    Curt says:

    Aren’t tariffs a “tax”? As we all know, all taxes are collected by companies but paid by the consumers. This result in fewer sale, not more taxes paid by the company. Companies don’t pay taxes, only consumers pay taxes.

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    William Davis says:

    Starting to make sense for companies to have production operations in other countries to avoid the import/export tariffs. This whole tariff game could backfire, slowly, with no clear end.

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