3 things:

Big big big jobs number…no way around it. Our favorite # was the 806,000 that have jumped back into the work force. Futures up VERY STRONG. The NDX will open at a new high…amazingly. Let’s hope the gap holds. We have seen a few too many reverse. Yes…they can reverse markets on best of news.

North Korea blinks. Don’t believe the media bull crap that this was to deflect from other issues. We are going to give the president kudos for scaring the crap out of the Rocket Man. If there is anything a dictator enjoys the most…it is breathing. We really believe the sanctions and the tough talk did the trick. That said…the meeting has not happened yet and North Korea has shown they will talk one game and do the other. We shall keep fingers crossed this time is different.

As expected, Toys R Us is going to go bye bye. Toy stocks not having a good morning.


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  1. Jeff Chesner says:

    Listened to the interview with Neil Cavuto. Listened to him since NBR with Paul Kenghis. Like him, as I do you too. Even though you are both more to the right than me, you both bring a sense of normalcy to the craziness that abounds. Thanks.
    (Wait till you see my Yankees in action).

  2. anti semite says:

    North Korea did not blink.
    I dunno what NK did, but that was not a blink.
    That little bastard, ( KIM ) is nasty…..

    By sitting down and talking, Trump just invited “Kim” into the big 5 nuclear club.
    Kim now stands tall.
    Talks in the long run, will very likely, ….amount to nothing, ….cept Kim is now recognized, as a major global player.
    Not that Yoda is against talks……
    Yoda is just not for talks…..

    The market:
    Nice rally; XLF, IWM, SMH, QQQ, SPY, all now above the 50day.
    That is a significant signal of market strength. .

    this time, (unlike all the last times in the past 10 years), Yoda’s indicators are saying relative strength short term, …butt , market weakness looking out.

    We shall see….
    UUP is set to rally, ( rising interest rates ?), if yes, will the market fall ?
    Will the Kikes rig the market to go up ?
    Yoda dunno….

  3. Newbie Bob says:

    No way US can let rocket boy have nukes. He sold chem weapons to Syria and would do same with nukes. So containment strategy is a no go cause Nut job muslims would launch them. They give dumbo obammy noble prize for getting elected. And give Trump a fake russian hit job for actually doing something.

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