What? You never see a Dow down 150, only to finish up over 300? Seems the norm right now.

Here is what matters!


GLAMOUR GROWTH still acting strong measured by NASDAQ/NDX.

SEMIS strong.

FINANCIALS, especially SMALLER/REGIONALS strong. BAC and JPM holding the 50 day.

We do not need to talk about any other areas. There is simply no chance of going into a bear market until or unless these areas crack…and right now, even with the recent overall weakness, not only are they not cracking but many are thriving.  So forget all the noise about tariffs, taxes, debt, deficits. Everything is great as long as the market is not going down.

Just remember, over 60% of the stocks we scan are in poor shape. Europe (though bouncing) is in real poor shape…

Until otherwise notified, it’s still ping pong.


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  1. Newbie Bob says:

    Economic value of bitcoin: don’t have to open a NY pizza joint to launder money when one can do it with bitcoin.. It will go to dust NOT cause it’s not gold but cause govt will make it legal and then will monitor it.

  2. Newbie Bob says:

    Globilist quits trump whitehouse. Boo goo.. China puts 25% on us auto imports. Us puts 2% on foreign auto imports. And they call it “free” trade .. good riddance to globilists. It’s called ping.. pong..

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