Futures up…areas that were crushed yesterday with a bounce and areas that broke out in past 2 days, continue up.

FINANCIALS, for the obvious, break out…bid up again this morning. The “tax reform” bill is really pro-FINANCIALS.

TRANSPORTS, been lagging but that changed yesterday with a large 300+ point gain. Didn’t see any news.

MANAGED CARE led by DOW name UNH…obviously no matter what is in any bill, they win.

Will know a lot more on growth on how they bounce. Yesterday was wicked. Last time we saw something like this on the SOX, it took 3 months of back and forth to repair.

SNPS gapping up. SMTC, BOX, JACK gapping down. JNPR was up 25% in aftermarket on supposed buyout by NOK. NOK says not true…stock is now down 8% in pre-market.