Mnuchin was talking this week about the debt ceiling. Much ado about nothing. Don’t worry! All’s well. Sure! All’s well! We’ll just raise the debt ceiling again.

Federal Spending

Year 2000- $1.789 trillion

Year 2008- $2.982 trillion

Year 2016- $3.951 trillion

Year 2021 estimate- $5.124 trillion…yup, headed for $5.124 trillion

Total federal debt outstanding

Year 2000- $5,674,178,209,886.86…yes, we included the cents and yes,  $5.674 trillion.

Year 2008- $10,024,724,896,912.49

Year 2015- $18,150,617,666,484.33

Today- $19,856,005,698,102.74 and moving quickly

2021 estimate- $23,574 trillion

2026 estimate- $29,314 trillion

So, who are they trying to kid? Republican, democrat, the media…just who are they trying to kid? Keep in mind, the forward numbers factor in growth stronger than what we have seen and interest rates staying low because of the rigging and manipulating of such rates. Do these people really think that the day of reckoning is not ahead? But in our scrambled brains, it gets worse!

$432,649,652,901.12. Guess! Guess what this number is. It is only $432 billion. It is how much you and I, the taxpayer spent last year ON INTEREST on the debt THEY CREATED! $432 BILLION DOWN THE TOILET…TO NOTHING, buying nothing, investing in nothing, creating nothing…yet people are worried about safe spaces. These same politicians who keep saying they do not have enough, that we need to spend more, we need to tax more, we need infrastructure, need free healthcare, need free education…look at what these people have done. They have created a never-ending and impossible-to-end debt cycle in where tons of our hard earned money go toward a black hole, into the toilet of interest on the debt THEY CREATED. But they still want our votes. They still tells us they are there for us. But just to piss you off more. This number is just for one year. Since just 2010 (we can go back longer), the taxpayer has been forced to spend over $2.9 trillion just on interest expense. Do you know how many roads and bridges that would build or fix? All of them! Do you know how many could be helped by this amount? A ton of them. But these #@%#@ have put us in the soup. A soup there is no way we can come out of as no one, and I mean no one, does anything about it. They have been taunting markets for years. They have rigged and manipulated rates to cover for all this. But don’t worry. Many have been calling for trouble because of all this debt for a long time yet markets are at a high. Don’t worry. All’s well!



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  1. AJ Palma says:

    Gary, it is obscene and I believe all this noise in politics (russia email servers, Comey, transgender bathrooms, do I need to continue?) is all distraction tactics to keep us removed from the real problems of currency debasing, financial calamity and social disorder, etc…It is all too ominous.

  2. Carl says:

    Gary, the interest payments actually are being to use but not in a good way. I believe that a sizeable portion of the interest on US debt goes to foreign states and individuals which use the interest to purchase US assets such as prime coastal real estate and food producers or is used to construct factories in their own countries which provide us with a plethora of non durable goods we can’t seem to live without or produce domestically. Its a shame that we can’t require that US debt only be incurred to finance capital projects. Borrowing money so we can give it away is insane.

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