kaltbaum premarket

RHT,BBBY,CELG gapping down. BBBY gapping below support and moving avgs meaning it comes off my potential buy list. Would have not bought it anyhow as earnings were approaching. I typically have no interest in something right before earnings.

Use the 50 day as a stop on AAPL…just below 575ish.

DLTR,CRUS,EBAY look fine…except DLTR got a little frothy on its last move. The service is up big since initiating DLTR at $84 and then buying back recently.

Market is sitting right into 50 day/10 week average here…and is overbought. A pullback/stall would not be bad…unless we start to see heavy selling and breakdowns. Keep in mind, next week is end of month…so maybe get another bump. Just keep in mind, I am in the camp that this aint going to be easy…so keep positions small and take your time.

I change planes in Atlanta and may have some time to write to you from airport right after close. If not, will send something to you in the morning…from beautiful Venice, Italy.