kaltbaum premarket

Well…it is 415 am where I am vacationing…as I stay on Florida time.
So…reversal yesterday as fiscal stiff talks resume…received a few emails telling me market now going higher…and of course, just to piss everyone off, the market has a decent gap to the downside. But dont worry…at 11 am, Reid will say they are talking…so market will rally 100…but at 1 pm, Boehner will say the opposite…so market will tank 100 immediately…but at 3 59, with the market down 100, someone will say something and the market will rally 200 in 45 seconds.
Do I sound sarcastic? Kids…it is that nauseating to watch the imbeciles that could not run a lemonade stand…decide on the future of this country. These people have already destroyed our fiscal well being yet they are still in their jobs…because we are the idiots who keep voting them in. Well…maybe not we…but someone is.
It is amazing that we have come to the point that the public is so stupid to believe the answer to our problems is to just raise more debt and to raise taxes on those people who are producing to take care of those who are not…but before the “are not producing” get their check, the politicians take their tribute as they are nothing more than gigantic bookies.
Ok…rant is over…going back to sleep. If you want to trade this…make sure your OUIJA BOARD working. I think that is how you spell OUIJA.