Don’t fight the fed, the fed, the fed…no, that fed…and that fed…

There was no doubt we were headed into a bear market as we had a classic topping pattern leading to the October plunge. This was no coincidence as the U.S. was winding down (for now) it’s printing of money. The last 2 times the U.S. stopped, markets dropped 17 and 20% respectively. It should be obvious, fedheads knew about this and were worried about it. They had something up their sleeve. Little did we know there was a coordinated effort on a global scale that increased this morning. First, it was our Fedheads trying to calm things down by saying we would have another QE program if need be. Then, the BOJ not only increases but increases markedly. Then you got Bernanke Jr in the ECB dude…and now surprise, surprise, surprise, China lowers rates leading to a stretched, extended, overbought and overly bullish sentiment reading market to gap up this morning. Wait a minute, did you say China? That can’t be. China is growing 8%/year. Why would they need to ease? Well according to the accounting firm Dewey, Cheatham and Howe…maybe, just maybe the numbers in China are not what they are cracked up to be. At least, China is worried.

I remember the charts from 1999 well. Stretched and extended became more stretched and extended which became more stretched and extended. This occurred because of easy monetary policy. Well…we now have the mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle and long lost cousin of an easy monetary policy which makes Greenspan look like Volcker…and it is causing all this. The SEMIS are poised to break out of range. The BIG FINANCIALS may just do the same. We already know about the major indices notwithstanding the small caps.

Enjoy the day. Since we have been asked a few times already this morning…we do not predict reversals but we recognize when a market can be ripe for reversals off of news-driven gaps. Just realize the few men and women that run the trillions that have been printed and that will be printed in the future…remain in control as this massive coordinated effort grows larger and larger.

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    Armin Ruud says:

    Re: Ferguson, MO

    Gary: For days we have watched the media hype growing unrest in Ferguson. To their profit, the bigger and longer the hype, riots, fires, violence, and controversy the more air time they profit from.

    Now, nearby St. Louis has a popular NFL team with popular players. Why don’t a couple of them go to Ferguson, spend some time walking the streets urging peace? Also, some performers could put on some concerts to calm people. Church organizations could send in some meals, etc.

    Do you know some people who might influence some athletes and performers to do such things?


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    scott taylor says:

    Is there even gonna be a business cycle allowed anymore, where after 4 years the market can just correct off inventories and excess
    instead of just staight up for ever. I mean its nice to see your 401k go up every year and never sell off, but some day you got a wonder ?

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