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First off…leader’s list:
AMGN-I must admit…should have put in list a while back…but goes on now off reaction to numbers. Just need a place to enter.
AAPL- Gaps down on numbers…but holding 50 day. Nothing to do.
AMZN- Breaks out of weekly cup and handle pattern with volume. Added back to this list.
ALXN- Moves out of short base Wednesday off numbers. Remains strong.
BIIB- Holds 50 day on Wednesday to the penny.
EQIX- Monster move off earnings report. True leader…just need a place to buy.
EXPE- Gaps up Friday but pulls in a wee bit. Needs flag or handle.
EBAY- Back on this list after strong reaction to earnings. May look at on breakout of handle.
HD- Added to this list off another breakout.
MLNX-Moves out again on the daily chart. For me, needs tightening up.
PETM- Just sitting as 50 day catches up.
PRGO- Another leader holds 50 day to the penny.
ROST- Still ascending as 50 day ascends.
SHW- Edging out of short base on no volume. Reversed up on numbers.
SWI-Adding it on awesome reaction but absolutely needs pulling in.
TRIP– Goes bye bye…gaps down on numbers.
TJX- Sitting tight in here. Refuses to give up.
UA-Adding back off reaction to numbers but needs a pullback.
V-Holds 50 day on decent reaction to numbers.
Other notes:
A couple of weeks ago, I emailed you a list of the defensive area names. I am not a big fan because many have no growth with some having down numbers. But no doubt they are still getting a bid because of defensiveness as well as valuation. For example, noticed an MRK trading at 10x earnings. Here is what I wrote:
I cannot help but mention the continued strength in the reits,drugs,food,beverages,household products, utilities, telco utilities. The new high list on the nyse is just about all reits and utilities. This service typically does not play these areas but had to make note of them. Here is a list for your review from the new high list:
Not on the new high list but with good charts are ABT,BMY,CHD,ECL,HSY,HNZ,KO,LO,MO,MKC,PEP,MO.
The issue with all these names is that growth is too slow…meaning they are capped on how far they can go…but I wanted to give you list just in case you like low beta, mega cap stuff with some having decent dividends.
At 3pm Wednesday, market was breaking…and then the rumors. Market rallied 100 points into the close. Then, ECB Pres yaps…market gaps up 250 points. Before open Friday, he yaps again…market goes up…later in the day…he yaps about printing of money…adding more juice. So for those that think more printing of money will not affect the market, maybe you got the answer…maybe.
Here are my real-time thoughts.
I hate that the markets move on this crap. One day, would love these idiots to shut up…and see the market go up without any noise. But these days, they don’t and won’t shut up. This week, you get the biggest maniac of all in Bernanke. My other issue is I ask the question: is this just end of month? I know it was strong…but these guys are good at painting the tape.
Nevertheless, I try not to rationalize…even though it is not easy…so:
AMZN is buyable off the high volume weekly cup and handle breakout. I investigated the numbers and estimates for AMZN numbers start kicking in gear in the next few quarters as they slow down spending. It is 1-2% extended here so no biggie.
EBAY looks buyable…but I am going to give it a chance to pull in. if not, will probably tell you to buy the move out.
GOOG is coming up right side of base and showing lots of accumulation. Will look for first buy point in handle to buy. Not yet. One other low volume name I am now on is N…just needs a handle. Very strong reaction.



President Obama has touted General Motors (GM) as a successful example of his administration’s policies. Yet GM’s recovery is built, at least in part, on the increasing use of subprime loans.

The Obama administration in 2009 bailed out GM to the tune of $50 billion as it went into a managed bankruptcy.

Near the end of 2010, GM acquired a new captive lending arm, subprime specialist AmeriCredit. Renamed GM Financial, it has played a significant role in GM’s growth .


SOURCE: http://news.investors.com





Quite an interesting two days.

Going into 3:00p Wednesday, the Dow was down 200. The Nasdaq was down big. And then a leak about how the Fed going to announce more printing of money, come this week when they meet. And it reversed the market about halfway.

But the market still looked kind of awful. The market was messy and range-bound, with not much leadership.

Thursday morning, the futures were down Dow 50 or 60 points. And then a gentleman by the name of Mario Draghi, who is the president of the European Central Bank (basically the head of the European Fed) announces that they’re going to do everything in their power…meaning they’re going to print a lot of Euros.

So we gapped up 250 points yesterday, which for me, is a good start. Investor’s Business Daily called it a Through Day (FTD) because the major averages never broke support.

So the futures were flattish this morning.

And Mario Draghi opens his yapper again. Futures immediately go up. And at one point today, we were up about 100.

And then, the news comes out about just what Draghi’s doing to do. The going to cut rates, do a long term refinancing on whatever debt there is, and they’re going to buy bonds.

But you ask, how are they going to do this? How is it possible?

It’s simple. They create money. They are going to the school of Greenspan and Bernanke (especially Bernanke) and they’re creating money out of thin air and adding it to the system to hopefully fix things up. Now in Europe, yields in Italy and Spain have skyrocketed. It’s the same thing that has happened in the U.S. except that our Fed bought 60% of our bonds in the past year. Well, they’re following suit in Europe.

We’re not talking about small amounts of “printing of money.” We’re talking about trillions. Trillions!

And if there’s anything we know, the market loves it.

And the market immediately went from 100 to up 220, settled in…but let me be clear and concise here. I don’t care about yesterday’s 250. I don’t care about today’s 187.

I care about whether growth stocks are showing some real strength, backed by conviction and breaking out of range. And today, we finally got some.

And simply put, let’s hope it sticks.

But 7 out the past 8 FTDs failed. Some miserably.

Now the cynic in me is saying it’s just “more money printing” and it’s “end of the month window dressing.

But the market guy in me says, “Man, there’s some compelling good action here, over the past day, and a gap.

Let’s hope it continues. I don’t have a prediction. I just have a hope. I know where leadership is. I know where strength is. 


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The market remains all but impossible to play. Coming into yesterday, things breaking down badly. One word…a repeated word over past months by the ECB Pres and we gap up 200. Futures were blah this morning until, guess what, they said they would be buying Spain and Italian Bonds and now do something with Greece. Real numbers do not matter. Printing money is the only thing that counts.
By the book, market had ANOTHER follow through day yesterday. I think 7 out of the past 8 have failed. That does not mean this one fails. So we watch for leadership. Futures now up 3/4% and gaining in past few minutes.
HD is in play if it breaks out…and as things show up, we will play. If more things work, we will play more.
For the life of me, dont know what market is seeing in AMZN…earnings down 99%…and now misses on sales. But BUY BUY BUY!

kaltbaum email

I am getting a lot of emails about IBD going MARKET IN UPTREND just two days after going MARKET IN CORRECTION. The fact is the nasdaq and s&p never undercut….but the fact also is today was another forced day into month end on bs news. The only thing that matters to me is whether there are things to do. We are seeing some good strength here in names like SWI,EQIX,MLNX,LL and today, a few housing names moved out on numbers. But after that, the tape is a mess. I am more apt to short into this but by my strict rules, no shorting in an uptrend.
I expect more upside into month end…just because but not sure how much. But HD has set up well…and could be bought moving above 53.28. After that, need things to tighten up in some other names. The tape remains tough and the tape continues to want to carve up. Today’s gap really screwed the shorts. Hopefully, we can get a trend soon but somehow, I doubt it.



President Obama’s health care law raises taxes by $1 trillion, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.

The individual mandate — which the CBO calls a “penalty tax,” in apparent deference to Chief Justice John Roberts — will produce $55 billion in “penalty payments by uninsured individuals,” the CBO told House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in a Tuesday letter. Of course, the framers of the law didn’t design the mandate as a tax, and so it produces less revenue than any other provision in the bill.

The “additional hospital insurance tax” is the largest tax increase in Obamacare, projected to bring in $318 billion in new revenues. According to the 2010 report from the Journal of Accountancy, this tax hits “high-income tax payers” — individuals making over $125,000 a year or households making over $250,000 a year.


SOURCE: http://washingtonexaminer.com/cbo-obamacare-levies-1-trillion-in-new-taxes/article/2503248?custom_click=rss





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This is why I like Bill O’Reilly. Pure logic…simple logic! I don’t know this Congressman…but here’s a guy with absolutely no logic. Imagine not wanting to report someone buying 60,000 rounds of ammunition! READ THIS AND WATCH THE VIDEO:

During Tuesday night’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor,” the Fox News host got into a heated exchange with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) over the concept of Congress passing legislation that the FBI would be notified whenever anyone purchases “heavy weapons.”

Bill O’Reilly said it makes sense for Congress “to pass a new law that requires the sale of all heavy weapons to be reported to the FBI. In this age of terrorism, that law is badly needed.”


SOURCE: http://newsbusters.org



 Just what the heck is going on here. And I do believe the Mayor is Jewish. How do such miserable, racist human beings get into a position of power? 

Ignoring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s history of anti-Semitic remarks, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday welcomed the army of men dispatched to the streets by Farrakhan to stop the violence in Chicago neighborhoods.

Ald. Debra Silverstein (50th), an Orthodox Jew, has said it’s good that Farrakhan is “helping” in the fight against crime, “but it doesn’t eradicate the comments that he’s made about the Jewish community.”


SOURCE: http://www.suntimes.com