Hey you technicians, just letting you know big DOW leader Boeing (BA) just broke the 50 day average cleanly for first time in 15 months. Doesn’t mean the end of the world but the longer something holds that important area and then breaks, it is often of consequence. Of course, anything is possible and the stock could just jump right back up. Boeing was a huge help to the DOW for a long time. For this second, now an anchor.

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  1. Newbie Bob says:

    Fed is going to take the market down as they believe valuations of equities are too high. They are hoping to find excuses to do so but even if they can’t find them they are going to act anyway. Ping pong will soon become fed pong…

  2. anti semite says:

    I’ll worry when XLF, IWM, SMH, QQQ, and SPY break below the 50 day moving average….;
    till then, any pull back is through layers of resistance.
    Yoda’s two indicators are saying, “the bear,” is looming…..
    Yoda will wait until the dollar breaks above the 50 day moving average, and holds….. ;
    that should drop the market….;

    then Yoda will ask the Q: will the kiks rig the market to go back up(?) , or won’t the kikes rig the market to go back up?

    We shall see….
    Yoda, of totally independent mind….

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