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Required Reading Of The Day

How an Indonesian cafe owner turned toward jihad Pentagon: U.S. sailors made ‘navigational error’ into Iranian waters Belgian-Moroccan was third person killed in post Paris attack police raid Three winning jackpot tickets in U.S. for $1.6 billion Powerball U.S. jobless claims rise; import prices sharply weaker Alex gusts into first hurricane formed in January since […]

The Closing Look

Stock Market Commentary: The long over due bounce finally occurred on Thursday after the S&P 500 came in within a few points of “re-testing” August and September 2015’s low. All week, we have been telling you the market was very oversold and way overdue to bounce. That is exactly what happened on Thursday. The key now […]

Gary on today’s early wild action!

January 14,2016 First and most important, do not miss the Fox Business Network Presidential debates tonight…on the Fox Business Network. We came into this week thinking we were close to another decent low in this bearish market. We were not so sure after yesterday’s nausea as well as the early action today. With all the wild […]

The Morning Look

Stock Market Overview: U.S. stock futures were lower but turned higher before Thursday’s open as investors try to recover from Wednesday’s strong sell off. Keep in mind, the market is very oversold and way overdue to bounce at some point.  The fact that it refuses to bounce illustrates how weak the market is right now. Gary has expressed […]

The Closing Look

Stock Market Commentary: Stocks plunged on Wednesday as a new round of selling hit Wall Street. This time they went after almost all areas of the market including the big glamour names such as Amazon ($AMZN) and Netflix ($NFLX) that had been holding up rather well in late 2015. The fact that Wall Street can not […]