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Required Reading Of The Day

Trump’s immigration views ‘not Christian:’ pope Wall Street dips as oil retreats, Wal-Mart weighs U.S. jobs market firming; manufacturing still on the ropes Obama signs North Korea sanctions bill into law: White House Turkey blames Kurdish militants for Ankara bomb, vows response in Syria and Iraq 

The Closing Look

Over the past week, the benchmark S&P 500 vaulted ~120 points or +6.6%! That is a huge move by any normal measure. In “normal” (non/Central Bank printing money days), a 10% gain for the entire year was considered “normal.” Clearly, a +6.6% rally in a 4 trading days is considered very strong and the market is […]

We are not baffled! Your policies are nuts!

Bank of Japan Baffled by Negative Reaction to Negative-Rate Policy Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda criticized by lawmakers who charge the policy victimizes consumers and sends a message of despair By TAKASHI NAKAMICHI Updated Feb. 18, 2016 5:32 a.m. ET 15 COMMENTS TOKYO—A clash Thursday between Japan’s central-bank chief and lawmakers highlighted the downside of negative interest […]

The Morning Look

Stock Market Overview:  Futures are up before Thursday’s open as the market continues to bounce from deeply oversold levels. In the last 4 trading days, the benchmark S&P 500 has soared over 120 points or over 6.5%. That is not “normal” bull market action and moves of that size typically occur during bear market rallies. […]