Amazon is buying Whole Foods Markets…for $42 cash ($13.7 billion). Beats the hell out of us! Amazon stock originally down $15 on the news is now up $16. Wal Mart, Target, Costco all down decently on the news. We understand Amazon wants to deliver everything including babies being born…just not sure what this means. Will defer to Bezos as he has done almost everything right.

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  1. Donald J says:

    Fred meyer new store out west.
    Online ordering, youngin’s load the car. LIKE.
    Still go there once a month due to thee offerings have gone wide & tasty.

    Trend setters,
    Wife & I

  2. stephen says:

    How do you manage the 20,000 skilled WF workers who may not want to work under AMZN’s conditions

    • bb says:

      I am working for Amazon now, and the only complaints I see are from lazy millennials that can’t stand actual work. To me it beats working at Whole Foods! 🙂

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