Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!”
By Gary Kaltbaum- June 19, 2018
When I saw Tom Perez, the head of the DNC say that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the future of the Democratic party, my only thought was HUH?
I have never understood the template of an economic system that has to this day, has only blatant evidence of failure leaving nothing but disaster in its wake. Just 2700 miles southeast of the U.S. is that bastion of socialism called Venezuela that has been all but destroyed by two scumbags names Chavez and Maduro. On top of that, I have never understood some of the absolute illogical beliefs that pervade these people….in plain sight, with all evidence to the contrary of their beliefs.
Their hate of Israel and the Jewish state. 
What is with their hate of Israel? Ms Cortez just goes to the default setting of Israel is bad. This is the country she chooses to pick on. Well, I guess she got the memo. Let’s not rip Syria and Assad who simply murders his own people. An animal who gasses his own people including women and children. Nah…Israel is the bad guy. Let’s not rip North korea and that wonderful human being that murders his own family and has all but destroyed his economy. Nah…Israel is the bad guy. How about Nigeria and Boko Haram? Nah! How about the new dude running Cuba. Nah! Maduro in Venezuela. I guess 47,000% inflation is just fine. Ever hear of Sudan, Libya, Iran? But it is Israel that is the bad guy. This dolt has never been to Israel but pisses all over Israel. I have been to Israel. It is the miracle in the Middle East, a sliver of land that has become one of the great democracies of this world. In case she does not know, it is a place where Jews, Muslims, Christians, all religions, race, creed and color, all people live side by side, working together, playing together. In case she does not know, Israel is a place where you travel the highways and you see buildings with every major corporation’s name proudly affixed to the top of the buildings. It is a place that when I was there, no less than 15 times, we had to react to sirens because missiles were being lobbed into Israel. One time, the Iron Dome took out a missile right over our heads when we are in a market in Tel Aviv. But Israel is the bad guy?
It is socialism…not democratic socialism.
I have always tried to peg the day when “global warming” became “climate change!” What day did the global warming alarmists change their moniker to climate change? You see, it is all about marketing. When they realized that not every year had warmed, they needed to change the name…so come up with a name where they are never wrong…”climate change.” Cold…it’s climate change. Warm…it’s climate change. Rain…it’s climate change. Drought…it’s climate change. Hurricanes…it’s climate change. No hurricanes…it’s climate change. So what do you do? You take a poll on the name “socialism” and realize there is a problem. So just put the word “democratic” before “socialism” and all’s well. I have news for you…socialism is socialism.  
Socialists only with your money.
Remember, they are only socialists with your money. They are capitalists with their own money. Bernie Sanders is now making 7 figures and owns multiple homes. Not seeing much complaining from him on this. Once the socialists get the taste of money, they change their tune quickly.
Socialism cannot even turn on the lights without the money from capitalism.
Socialism only lives because of capitalism. Think about this. Try starting socialism out of thin air.  Where is that first dollar coming from? You guessed it…no where. Socialism creates nothing! It creates no wealth, creates no jobs. It only lives because of the money created by capitalism. It only breathes by siphoning off the tax dollars from the unwary, hard working people in order to further control more and more of the economy and the people’s lives. The problem is when capitalism is overtaken by socialism, you get Venezuela of 3 years ago. When capitalism is completely gone, you have the Venezuela of today…a monumental s—hole!
Go ahead…occupy the airports!
Sure, take a few thousand of your voters, head over to JFK and shut down the airport. Don’t worry about what that would do to travel not only here but around the globe. Go ahead. I dare you. I double dare you.
In just one interview, we have already found this woman does not have a clue. She just fills the template that has been given to her. To be clear, I applaud anyone who decides to commit themselves to public service but I cannot applaud utter moronic, illogical stupidity.
Socialism is only about people who have mostly lived off the dole all their life, convincing others that it is they  that should control more and more of their lives. It is they who try to convince others that without them, your lot in life will be worse. It is they that convinces others that so many things should be free when nothing is ever free. It is they that I wouldn’t even let run a lemonade stand, let alone vote on the future of this country…when every template they follow has been nothing more than a massive failure.
Future of the party? I dare you. I double dare you.
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  1. Peter LaBarca
    Peter LaBarca says:

    A co worker of mine told me about why he decided to come to the USA from Russia. He said he and his wife and two children were living in a one bedroom apartment and it was a bad situation. I asked why he couldn’t afford a two bedroom apartment. He said, “Technically apartments are free, they just don’t have any.” That sentence perfectly sums up communism and socialism. Housing as a human right, it’s free they just don’t have any. Health care as a human right, it’s free they just don’t have any space. A good paying job as a human right, it’s free they just don’t have any. If I say it once, I say it a million times, “Money has no value!” -PJL.

    • John Tyrrell
      John Tyrrell says:

      Odd that you think Russia is a socialist country. It is a plutocracy.

      I and millions of others are grateful for free healthcare in the UK. Nobody ever goes bankrupt because of medical bills in the UK, nor indeed in any of the other advanced countries outside the US.

    • Truth4U
      Truth4U says:

      Peter, great comment – I love it!

      It amazes me how so many people know so little about history and economics, then get sucked into the emotion of an idea and person. Hitler was a great example of how this can happen with discouraged people – evil and it’s horrible doctrines can be propelled to captivate a nation to do all the wrong things for the wrong reasons. As America becomes a Godless, and historically ignorant nation, we could follow a much different path than any of us could imagine today. In Ezekiel 38-39 talk of a future time when Russia and confederacy of Muslim nations will attack Israel, and no nation will come to their aid. God states only He will save Israel, and let all nations know He is God – there is nothing like it anywhere in the Bible. This event will most likely take place sometime this century. So where is America? Not at Israel’s side, we know that from the scriptures. How does the Jewish temple get rebuilt, probably after the Magog invasion as Muslims come to the realization of who the true God really is. About 20% of the invading armies are allowed to live, and I believe they become emboldened witnesses for God to their own nation. I know many today don’t believe the Jewish scriptures or the New Testament in the Bible, but I hope whoever reads this will live to see that day. Isreal’s rebirth was a miracle, and it was also the fulfillment of prophecy. This event in 1948 leads man closer to the biblical end times with the return of the Jewish Messiah to establish His Kingdom for a 1000 years.

      I spent a lot of time in Venezuela before and at the early onset of Chavez – it was a wonderful place to visit, and eating there was plentiful, amazingly good, and very cheap when you could exchange dollars for 10x the bank rate! They had a 2 party system much like the US, and each party kept letting down the people by their own self-serving interests and corruption, so they took a chance with Chavez. When he was elected I thought this guy has been handed the keys by the Venzuelan people to make change for the better, and no better country than Venezuela with it’s hard working people, and the countries oil riches. If he could start to model Singapore, and pour the countries wealth into education, protection of IP, elimination of crime and drugs, and provide real incentives for foreigners to start business and R&D centers in Venezuela, he might go down in history as a modern-day Simon Boliver. Unfortunately, Chavez’s idol was Castro, and his policies and thinking was warped and more corrupt than the parties he replaced! Now, there are many markets in Venezuela, just no food! It is a sad reality that people should understand, but they are too busy wondering what the Kardashians/Jenners are doing today – that is a sad reality of America and where it is headed.

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