No power at home. No phones or internet at offices. Yippeee! But we are grateful as we know so many have it so much worse…and we are thinking of them. We hear over 25% of the homes in Key West have been lost. Wow!

Another good day yesterday as new highs pick up, the tone gets better and S&P into new highs. Yes…we are overbought but no biggie.

Best areas remain Chinese ADRs, technology, internet, medical, drugs/biotech. See a couple of housing names breaking out. Seeing a few new highs in semiconductor-land. Even energy/oil & gas with better tone off of the hurricanes…but still no grand leadership there.

Go visit my twitter…@GaryKaltbaum to see how much tree damage was at our house. I posted a bunch of pictures and video. It was a miracle that all the trees feel away from our house.

Hopefully we will be back to full sooner rather than later.

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