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I don’t know why market reacted badly to the Republican non-vote on the fiscal stiff. It was never going to pass anyhow. The market is just plain screwed up as it is become a rigged and manipulated game by the fed and an interfered with market because of all the news-driven nonsense out of the assclowns in Washington. They are that bad.
Tomorrow is half day. While the market was hit Friday, looks like the market defended itself a little bit…but again, looks like nothing will be done by new year….and frankly…I have no idea how much effect this will have. Hopefully, not much more. I did like that the financials seem to be in not much trouble here as their opening gap to the downside was bought…but again…tomorrow is another day.
Here is the leader’s list…notice a few names now sitting on the 50 day. In a good market…I would tell you to probe a couple names off the 50 day if they start to move…but not doing a thing tomorrow…but may come back Wednesday with a play or two. There will probably not be a premarket tomorrow as it is 5 hours earlier here…but if there is a big move on futures either way, will try and send something.
AMZN- Hanging above pivot despite market weakness.
AMGN- Back sitting on 50 day.
CRM- Acts fine and sitting tight up here.
EXPE- Sitting just above 50 day in a tight base.
EBAY-Sitting tight past 4 weeks above pivot.
HD- Finally taking off list…living below 50 day.
MA Acts fine…no issues yet.
REGN- Back towards 50 day as biotechs weaken a bit.
RAX- Breakout holds fine so far.
SHW- Now sitting tightly on the 50 day. Tight base.
V- No issues…just extended. 
ULTA– Putting back on…holding the 50 day…and basing.

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I am outta here…will have weekend report. As I stated earlier…really thought market wanted to go higher and hopefully that takes over. Market defended a wee bit here early but it is early. Maybe Ben will print a few billion today and buy the s&p futures. Wish I was watching…tried to change flight but everything sold out.
Good luck!

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Futures came back just a wee bit but not much…still getting smoked. Amazingly, europe not down that much.
I would love to take blame or credit with these markets but they cannot be controlled. It is sickening to me that on a daily basis we have to deal with government madness, manipulation and corruption that can affect a market like it has. The only thing we can do is react to the nonsense as the market is a casino right now with the fed deciding on printing money…printing more money…and more money…and of course, the corrupt politicians that are bankrupting this country and the con artist media that treats their favorite politicians like people who love the kardashians and the stupid housewives shows.
As I said last night, any market proxy should be given a little room this morning…and sold if things get undone. I will be able to watch market until 10 am et and will send you something before I get pn plane. I think you use 50 day on AMGN…CRM is fine…AMZN will open just above the pivot…and EBAY sitting tight. This news sucks as the market looked like it was ready to go higher, See you in a few.

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Before the news tonight, I would have told you markets acting just fine…led by financials and now starting to see some growth as MA and V continue to move out…EBAY sets up perfectly…EXPE setting up….KORS setting up back above 50 day…CRM working well…AMZN in a nice set up….RAX acting great and I could go on…BUT…
As of this second….dow futures down almost 200 as the assclowns in Washington just f—-ing things up. I need not get into the news except to say nothing is getting done…and a vote that was supposed to happen was canned because of lack of votes.
My friends it is really demoralizing to know that on any given day, we can get news that shakes the ground from things that should not be able to interfere….printing of money…higher taxes…massive deficits…debt ceilings…and now the fiscal stiff. I would like to tell you I can predict this crap but I cant. Major indices and market looked fine walking into tomorrow and now we have to deal with a crappy open…and to be honest, there is really no great precedent on how to play something like this. We could gap down and reverse or just keep selling off…duh! There is just no technical analysis that can capture this nonsense.
My best guess is just sell the market proxy giving it some early room. Meaning, if the dow opens down 200, give it say 50 more points as a stop. I will email you in the morning before open…and hopefully, there will be some recovery overnight.


This time of year, newspapers and magazines are filled with predictions and stock recommendations and trading ideas. I have repeatedly explained why these are terrible ideas and you should ignore them.

Sometimes, you just have to let the performance speak for itself. And for that, I present Fortune: 10 Stocks To Last The Decade A few major trends will likely shape the next ten years. Here’s a buy-and-forget portfolio to capitalize on them.

August 14, 2000

1. Nokia (NOK: $54)
2. Nortel Networks (NT: $77)
3. Enron (ENE: $73)
4. Oracle (ORCL: $74)
5. Broadcom (BRCM: $237)
6. Viacom (VIA: $69)
7. Univision (UVN: $113)
8. Charles Schwab (SCH: $36)
9. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MWD: $89)
10. Genentech (DNA: $150)

Closing prices December 19, 2012:

1. Nokia (NOK: $4.22)
2. Nortel Networks ($0)
3. Enron ($0)
4. Oracle (ORCL: $34.22)
5. Broadcom (BRCM: $33.28)
6. Viacom (VIA: $54.17)
7. Univision ($? )
8. Charles Schwab (SCH: $14.61)
9. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MWD: $14.20)
10. Genentech (Takeover at $95 share)

The portfolio managed to lose 74.31%, with 3 bankruptcies, one bailout, and not a single winner in the bunch. Even the Roche Holdings takeover of Genentech was for 37% below the suggested purchase price. The lesson is that valuation matters. (Update: Forgot about Univision takeover — i’ll pull the TO price and recalculate when I get into the office)

Had you merely bought the S&P500 index via the Spyders, you would have seen a gain of 23.43%.

Have fun forecasting!


SOURCE: http://www.ritholtz.com

kaltbaum premarket

Again, traveling this afternoon…if I do a report tonight, it will be late late late. If not, will be in morning. Heading for some vacation…but will have regular reports.
Futures are up alittle…blah blah blah.
I have a few set-ups like a FBHS…an AKAM which has broken out and a few others. Also watching RAX on how it pulls back into $70 area. Just thinking we are a little overbought but no biggie.




It was somewhat of a quiet day. Not a lot going on. We drifted lower. We were down about 70. Then we were only down about 35 or 40. And then they got the little smack-a-doodle into the close.

And, of course, I can tell you what happened into the close. At 3:30, let’s just say we lost 61 points in the Dow in the last 20 minutes. So we were down 99 points at 13,251.

A lot of red

Oils were strong early and then pulled back and ended up red.

27 Dow stocks were down. The culprits? American Express, Home Depot and Exxon.

Financials were strong early with a lot of red at the end.

Gold and silver were down again.

Just overall, a blah day.

Maybe one would say – due…I don’t know.

Volume was not that heavy.

The major indices:

  • The S&P remains above the 50-day moving average. Remember, on Monday, we came off that 50-day moving average.
  • The same goes the Dow, which looks somewhat the same as the S&P.
  • The Nasdaq and the Nasdaq-100 came through the 50-day and are maybe starting to pullback a little bit.
  • Today was, overall, not a Distribution day in the market.
  • The NYSE is back up near the old highs because of its make-up. Remember when the NYSE was lagging as badly as badly can be? That’s because a big part of those areas that were lagging were the foreign market type of commodities. But they’ve had a bid recently.
  • Transports continue to go up the right side of a base, but still have not broken out yet. Definitive improvement there.

The market itself:

  • Wide swinging
  • News driven

The last drop was about 9% – 10%. This rally up, as of this second is about 6% – 7%. We’re talking major averages here. The moves have been sudden and very news-driven.

Today, the Fiscal Cliff this and the Fiscal Cliff that. And now they’re saying they’re not even close.

The past 10 months have  been wide-swinging. We rallied up into mid-March and since then, no progress was made whatsoever.

Just a drop and a rally, a drop and a rally, and a drop and a rally…

We’ve had a lot of growth stocks with big gigantic tops. Not much left growthwise.

We’ve had strength recently in the Financials as they’ve come on off of the “We’re going to print $85 billion a month now.”


I’m just letting you know what I’m preparing for. First off, Gold is down to the 200-day moving average now. With a break below there, we’ll probably see another 5-10% drop – not the end of the world.

The thought process still remains. It was in August 2011 that Gold topped out. We’re now going on about 16 months. The bear market in the late-1970s was longer and deeper. I don’t think it’s going to be as deep this time because of all the money that’s being printed.

If we get a climatic move, three things have to happen:

  1. Gold will get back above the 50-day moving average and stay there.
  2. The 174 on the GLD gets taken out.
  3. Then after that, the 186 from September 2011 gets taken out.

And then we’re off to the races.

Stay in gear with that.

There is a potential, but it is an “If.” We don’t know if history will repeat itself. We just know that most secular bull markets end in climactic moves, where if you catch them – WOW!

If it continues to go down deep and goes longer, the disinterest in Gold will get louder and higher…and that’s great. The more people that get off the track, the better when it moves, because they’re the ones who’ll be buying into that climatic move.

So I just wanted to bring that up.

My guess (which we don’t act on) is sometime in mid- to late-2013 — is when it starts up, if form stays true. I repeat, we are predicting nothing. We are outlining what happened in the late-1970s when a gigantic bull market in the Gold occurred.

I can’t guarantee.

I can promise that I’m going to do my best to be all over that bad boy in a sizeable fashion, if it happens. 


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Pullback day. Volume was light but one gets paid on price.
At this point, want to see how things pull back. We are still in seasonal strength time but the fiscal stiff crap may get in way…as both parties digging in their heels.
Nothing new tonight but for a low beta bigger name, ORCL did gap up today and will be watched.
Not thrilled with the action in AMGN here as it is showing a little bit of rolling over…but not sure yet.


The American taxpayers stand to lose billions as General Motors today announced a plan to buy back 40 percent of the company owned by the federal government.

“The Detroit automaker said it will purchase 200 million shares of GM stock held by Treasury for $5.5 billion — or $27.50 per share — nearly $2 above the stock’s closing price on Tuesday,” the Detroit News reports.

However, the break even price — the price that GM would need to pay for each share in order to pay back the money the government put in to the company —was $53 a share. That number has now risen dramatically.

“As a result of GM’s buy back, the government has recovered about $28.6 billion of its $49.5 billion GM bailout, which means it will most likely lose billions when selling its remaining shares,” MLive.com reports. “The government would need to sell its remaining shares at a price of $69.72 to break even. That’s up more than $15 from earlier this year, when the U.S. Treasury would have to sell its 500 million remaining shares at about $53 per share.”


SOURCE: http://www.weeklystandard.com