What’s So Bad About Saving 1,000 Jobs?

We are amazed at the White House reaction and we are amazed by the left’s reaction to Trump’s saving of 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana. What is the matter with these people. Did they not see the video of the employees when they were told they would lose their jobs? Did they not see the reaction? We understand the “everything is politics” reaction by both the left and the right but this is ridiculous.

The left says they were bought off using taxpayer dollars. Since when has the left given a crap about the taxpayer? They have sat silent while $9 trillion of new debt blew up under Obama. For us, there is no downside to what happened. Frankly, we believe there is only upside as Carrier’s action may set a precedent for other companies to follow. We are already hearing rumblings that Apple may start manufacturing phones here in the U.S.

We watched some of these employees interviewed today. All were thankful and all let out a deep sigh of relief. We would have loved to see one of these imbeciles on the left debating one of these employees. That would have been great tv.

We are not the greatest fans of  Trump. We have highlighted our issues here and on radio. But he is now President-elect and will give him every chance to be great and do great. We did the same thing for President Obama but unfortunately, only a week or two after gaining power, he fibbed and proposed the $800 billion stimulus…this just a few weeks after stating he wanted to cut debt in half.