Not much to add from last week. We now head into month end and a race to year end. Normally, we are now into seasonal strength but we have already had a good move this year. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t just keep going.

The negatives:

OUR sentiment numbers remain off the charts bullish. This includes some froth and speculation. Bitcoin anyone? In fact, bitcoin now getting noisy along with blockchain.

Only 60% of the market is working. This number should be higher for a market at new highs. The good news: we have seen this before. Just stay in gear with what’s working.

New highs versus lows remains anemic.

TRANSPORTS remain crappy.  Just ignore.

REGIONAL BANKS act poorly. Bigger banks better but poor action near term in Citi and Goldman.

The positives:

Just about everything else…and now watching COMMODITY stocks as the DOLLAR continues bearish action.