By Gary Kaltbaum
February 2, 2016
Tonight is the Iowa Caucus. Amazingly, Bernie Sanders just may win! (Tells you the strength of the competition!) Again, amazingly, Bernie Sanders may win!

Bernie Sanders…Bernie Sanders is not funny. He is not to be applauded. He is not to be called uncle. Bernie Sanders is selling you a scam. He is selling you a call a con. He is selling you a lie. The scam, the con, the lie is that everything is rigged, everything is being stolen from you, that all wealth is being re-distributed to the wealthy and nobody can get ahead because of all this.

The fact is money is not being re- distributed to the wealthy. Most of the wealthy earn their money. It’s called planning! It’s called thinking! It’s called educating! It’s called time! It’s called sweat! It’s called toil! It’s called risk taking! It’s called failure! It’s called success! It’s called long days and long nights!  It’s called growing! It’s called hiring! It’s called creating jobs! It’s called creating wealth. Bernie Sanders knows nothing of this because Bernie Sanders has never created $1 of wealth. Bernie Sanders has never created one job. Bernie Sanders has been living off the largesse of the taxpayer since the day he started whining, complaining and pissing all over those who have created all the wealth and jobs.
It’s the person who came up with the restaurant concept named Chipotle and started with one and turned it into over 1800 restaurants creating billions of wealth and thousands of jobs. It is Mark Zuckerberg who had an idea to get dates in college which started Facebook, creating billions of wealth and thousands of jobs. It’s Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank who thought there was a better way to sell home improvement goods and started Home Depot, creating billions of wealth and thousands of jobs. It’s Michael Dell who started selling computers in a garage and then created billions of wealth and thousands of jobs. It’s Charles Schwab who saw prices could get lower on Wall Street and created billions of wealth and  thousands of jobs. It’s Bill Gates…WELL, WE CAN GO ON AND ON! None of these people had anything re-distributed to them. THEY EARNED EVERY DIME! Bernie Sanders does not want you to know any of this.
Bernie Sanders could not tell you any of this because he will never be able to sell his lie. He cannot ever mention these people because it does not fit his template. The amazing part of all this is that the only re-distribution that is really going on is not to the wealthy but from the wealthy to the Bernie Sanders-types as government spending has doubled since Bill Clinton’s last budget. Yes…doubled. And for what? What are we getting for the money? Yet Bernie Sanders says it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough that our government cannot even balance their budget even though they will take in over $3 trillion of our money this year.
And how about Wall Street? According to Bernie, it is the land of evil, land of devils, land of crooks who are out to just rip you off. Well…when Bernie Sanders was born, the Dow  was at 127. Yes…127! Wall Street and the markets have created trillions of wealth and millions of jobs. Wall Street has turned secretaries into millionaires…millionaires into billionaires and so on. Wall Street and the markets have spawned companies like Microsoft, Amgen, Facebook and all the amazing companies that have improved our lives through modern technology, through new medicines and great inventions. HOW TERRIBLE!
So memo to Bernie and more important to those young people that think he is the end-all, be-all:
Just wait to see what happens if Bernie Sanders ends up running this country. Try working your tail off. Try to become wealthy. Try to be a success. We know you want to. All of us want to be bigger, better, wealthier, healthier. At every step along the way, Bernie will be there. When you work your ass off for a few years to get the promotion, the raise or whether you grow your own company, watch what happens when you get that first big paycheck. It will not be there. The $10,000 check will be $4,000. The $20,000 paycheck will be $6,000. Try being a gargantuan success and get a $100,000 check…something you should be applauded for. Bernie will want to take $90,000 of that $100,000. Don’t believe us. Just check out any number of videos of where Bernie wants to go with your money…because you did not earn it. It was re-distributed to you.
Bernie Sanders will not harm the already wealthy. Well…maybe he will. What he will do is prevent all the millennials from becoming wealthy as he will strip away all incentive to be bigger, be better, be wealthier…because Bernie Sanders believes in one thing…his power and not yours. Millennials do not know it yet but it is them who Bernie Sanders will affect most negatively. To the millennials..Bernie Sanders is your worst enemy!
When socialism overtakes capitalism, you get Venezuela. When capitalism is gone, you get Cuba. Go vote for Bernie now!
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    Mike Frederick says:

    Gary you are so right, but it tells you so much about the poor public education our kids receive these days. The kids these days do not understand economics because if they did they would not be following this clown. He essentially wants to turn our public university system into the same state as the public secondary school system. Lord helo us. By the way Bernie, who is paying the tab for all the college drop outs.

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