Uh…the market is down on the open as trade tensions escalate. We are of the hope the president backs away from the tariffs that go in effect tomorrow. We really thought he would because he had no choice but not sure any more.

Markets were overdue to correct because of a strong first 4 months. Looks like they got the catalyst. Keep in mind, a backing away from tariffs would help so it remains quite the news-driven environment.

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    Peter LaBarca says:

    NO DEAL!!! Short term gain vs. long term loss. Making a crappy Iran like deal will keep the over inflated market going for a little while longer, perhaps even through the election. China just cut out any small gains that the deal was going to do they did the ol’ bait and switch. We should charge 100% tariff on 100% of Chinese goods and bar any company from giving them intellectual property. They are cheating in every way a country could possibly cheat. We need to overcome the emerging Red empire. Imagine what they will do to us in 20 years.

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    Michael says:

    considering the short term do you recommend “selling the news” of a deal? We have all been buying the rumor for too long, even with this latest hiccup.

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