The good news is that the market is following the script to a tee. The bad news is that the market is following the script to the tee.
Very simply put, we believed we were starting the final innings of the bullish phase. We believed the final innings would culminate in a “melting up” phase, akin to 1999. That is a big statement considering some of the moves in 99.  Our thought process on why was one-fold. Just between Powell and the ECB, the printing machines are on fire to the tune of a gargantuan $250 billion/ month. That is not a typo. This does not include what Japan and China are doing or anyone else. Throw in a dose of 0% rates, negative rates and in Japan’s case, pretty much buying up the whole stock market and you get what you are getting. The move up is not about value. Some valuation measure are at record highs. The move is not about earnings. It is in our opinion, unaccountable, thinking they are God, printing trillions out of thin air maniacs.
You are seeing the move in real time now and we think the late phase move may just be getting started. (go take a gander at what the nasdaq did late 99-early 00). Major indices are into new high ground. World markets are into new high ground. New yearly highs are skyrocketing. Advance/decline figures are soaring. Our thought process led us to tell the world (and we are very careful with our words) that we would not be surprised with a 35,000+ Dow and sooner rather than later as extreme greed takes over. This would equate to an even better move in more speculative areas like the NASDAQ, like the small caps, like the lower priced junk…and that’s exactly what we are getting.

But the bad news.
This weekend, we will have a major report sent to you on all the other characteristics of the final innings of the bullish phase culminating in extreme greed going coast to coast to extreme fear. Did not mean to harsh the new year buzz but we have put in intense study of climactic moves and what comes next. Let us remind you that in the lead up to the top in March 2000, nothing could go wrong. Trees were indeed supposed to grow to the sky. In the report, we will cover fear and greed, valuations, bitcoins, SPACs, asinine IPO valuations, massive insider selling via secondary offerings and other maneuvers, sentiment and reactions to moves, the Eiffel Tower, leverage and the one-sided trade. We explain it all this weekend.
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    Jamie Van Zanten says:

    Thank you Gary⭐️ You are amazing!!! You also called it out last year. I wish I knew about your show and writing before I got scared and sold my entire portfolio on March 23rd 10 years of gains gone 10 minutes sold I sure wish you were The President of USA. Congress would be great also. God Bless You!

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