It is 715 am here in Brussels, Belgium. Happy voting day today.

Our prediction is that the Reps keep the senate but the Dems take the house with the Dems doing better in the house than expected. We think Trump and the Reps missed a tremendous opportunity in past weeks highlighting the economy but instead decided to go immigration. We think Trump should have gone on a “nice” tour instead of continuing on his “fake news” and all that crap tour. We talked about the national media fake news before Trump was even political Trump…but there are times to slow the roll.

O course, we can be wrong…and hope we are. These Dems are left of left, void of any “people” ideas. Instead it is all about what government will do for you…but this government is nothing more than an out of control, debt and deficit blob. Trillions have been inefficiently and ineffectively spent, taken out of the hands of tax payers in the name of poverty and the poor. Instead, maybe 25 cents on the dollar goes to work. How do we still have poverty with so many trillions spent?

Anyway, no matter what, the sun will come out the next day. The people are still bigger than any damage the government can do (we think) and if Dems win, they will just F up the next 2 years…ensuring Trump wins in 2020. They are that bad. They will spend two years on impeachment and investigation after investigation because they have no other ammo. The masses will get pissed and then 2020 comes along.


All Monday, we were saying the DOW had better keep rallying because again, growth was hit. You see the final numbers. We do not think the DOW leading and NASDAQ lagging is a good thing. Heading to Vienna now. Will report back to you tomorrow.



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    Peter J. LaBarca says:

    I guess my fear is the Democrats will try to make the argument, the first two years were good because of Obama policies which of course is rubbish and the last two years were bad not because of us but because of Trump’s policies. You’re right about investigation after investigation nonsense. They divide and conquer that’s their strategy and then they blame it on the other side, it’s masterful.

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