Another good day for Dow/industrial types. Names that have been still, names that have been dormant…in chemicals, in stuff breaking out of range and working. Keep in mind, low beta stuff but in this market, can turn into high beta.


AIRLINES wake up. Probably want to get them on the screen. High volume moves off lows.

FINANCIALS still inching higher. REGIONALS did back away.

CHINA (FXI) big day into new high ground…China ADRs along for ride.


Wish I could complain about something. OK…Giants are 0-4. Only thing to worry about here is VERY VERY overbought…but VERY VERY overbought means market has been  strong. Would love to see this cause a pullback/settling down action. Too much froth not thrilling.

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  1. anti semite says:

    You can say market rally continues, but I am looking at a pull beck.

    Sitting here setting up my shorts.
    The mass killer in Nevada,, he was on anti depressants since June of 2017.
    3 months later he shoots 600 people.

    Again, it ain’t the gun, it’s the meds…..

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