Don’t drink to excess…and frankly, don’t drink at all.

Don’t do drugs.

Work out several times/week keeping your weight in line with norms.

Eat right.

Don’t smoke anything. (We are beside ourselves that government, in their bid to make more money, has made marijuana mainstream.)

Compliment people.

Consider joining philanthropic organizations that do good.

Do something for someone you need absolutely nothing from.

Have a great weekend.


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    Nick from Phoenix says:

    Beautiful! So simple and yet so on! You have a good weekend too and thank you for being one of the most objective reporters of biz news out there.

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    Suzanne Ryan says:

    Thank you for this advice- it’s such a good reminder.
    Have you had a chance to read ‘Tell Your Children’ by Alex Berenson? It’s a take on marijuana you may find interesting.

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    Elizabeth frin Tucson says:

    How apropos, as usual. I get so much from your insight, and the objectivity is unrivaled. Thank you

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    Sorry about your friend. Nice thoughts! Aesop had it right when he said, “NO ACT OF KINDNESS, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, IS EVER WASTED.”

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    Cathleen Martin from Florida says:

    So sorry for your loss. Be well and thank you for giving so tirelessly of your expertise.

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    Joe says:

    Wonderful messages Gary. I feel strongly that legalizing marijuana will hurt our nation and children more than we know in the short and long term. How hypocritical that we beat the cigarette companies over the head for decades and now usher in M as good just so local governments can tax it? Wow. Unbelievable.

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