We have pulled no punches with our thoughts on the central-bank induced manias and bubbles we are seeing right now…IN REAL TIME. We have pulled no punches in telling you that most all if not all of these short-squeezed stocks would go back to where they came from. We said this in spite of the many actually believing they will just go up and up and up.

We will let the other side tell you how much there is to make in these bubbles, in these manias, in these short squeezes. We wanted to let you know how much there is to lose and in just days. Our question: Who in fact screwed the little guy? Who in fact squeezed all these stocks to ridiculous prices causing all kinds of noise and causing many to buy at any price? Things to ponder because we believe the “Reditters” and those that are trying to convince others to hold forever are very much culpable. As we told you, we expected all in time to go back where they came from but it may be happening quicker than even we thought. Maybe they can pounce and bounce these back up but as of now:

Last week’s high and today’s close:

AMC-AMC- $20.36 now $13.30.
BED BATH BEYOND – BBBY- $53.90 now $30.25.
BLACKBERRY- BB- $28.77 now $14.63.
DILLARDS- DDS- $128 now $87.31.
EXPRESS -EXPR- $13.97 now $5.
NATIONAL BEVERAGE- FIZZ- $196.43 now $131.18.
FOSSIL- FOSL- $28.60 now $15.18
GSX – GSX- $149.05 now $96.46.
KOSS CORP- KOSS- $127.45 now $34.82.
IROBOT- IRBT- $197.40 now $122.02.
NOKIA -NOK- $9.79 now $4.89.
OLLIS BARGAIN -OLLI- $123.52 now $92.22.
SIEBERT – SIEB- $18.50 now $6.89
TOOTSIE ROLL -TR- $58.98 now $37.26.
And the poster child GAME STOP – GME- $483 now $225.
You can see the other side of the trade is the massive losses by anyone who was sucked in by the noise and decided to hold on because they were told to… IN JUST DAYS!  As you can see, some of the drops are 50%+. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. We don’t know what the next target is. We just know wealth is being destroyed from the highs of these nonsensical moves.
We couldn’t end this missive without mentioning the latest squeeze in silver. The problem…many of the silver stocks gapped up. Two examples:
GATOS SILVER GATO…a speculative silver name that opened today at $24…the close….$14.72.
AVINO SILVER- ASM $2.82 now $1.85.
So who is really screwing the little guy?