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Many have it all wrong on this Israel story. Many asking the question who wins and who loses. Many asking whether it hurts Israel with some saying it definitely will. Got some news for them. Israel, the miracle in the Middle East will continue to go on its merry way. 263 miles north to south, 71 miles east to west, bordering on the Med. A place where regardless of what is said by some, Jews, Christians, Muslims, every race, creed, color, gender live, play and work side by side. A place where the people and the economy thrive. A place where every major corporation and tons of businesses flock to. A place where past enemies are now friends because they know how great the people and the country are. A place where the first time we visited, we had to go into bomb shelters 7 times in 11 days because of rockets blasted overhead from right next door. There was a time where a rocket was taken out by the iron dome right over our head. There was a time we were eating dinner in a restaurant on the beach in Tel Aviv. The sirens went off. All the tourists ran into the bomb shelter. All the Israelis stayed at their tables. (Just imagine some bad guys in New Jersey lobbing a bunch of rockets into Manhattan! What would you do?) Talk about tolerance by Israel? Israel is one of the most magnificent places on this planet where so much history meets so much modernity. We can only answer any question by asking ourselves what would we do if we were running Israel knowing that right next door, there are those who if they could, would wipe you off the face of the earth? What would we do knowing that there were some that wanted to visit to do one thing, legitimize those that would hurt while delegitimizing the country we were running? What would we do if we saw that they refused to show up with a bipartisan delegation and show an itinerary with their visit to Palestine and not Israel while ignoring Israeli officials? What would we do knowing these people do not even acknowledge the existence of Israel or the Jewish state? Three words…take a hike. Nothing personal. Just take a hike. So while the media is still blaming this all on the president while giving certain people a pass, Israel is back to being Israel, the miracle in the Middle East. They have already moved on.
We love when political pundits do stand up comedy in trying to defend “their side” on the economy. Many were really trying to explain the inverted yield curve. Quite hilarious. The national media actually look like they are praying for bad things to happen to the economy. A reach? Don’t think so.
Navarro and Kudlow were all over the tube this weekend. Navarro with his usual b.s. trying to convince whomever that China is paying for the tariffs. Funny. How then did the consumer get “a gift” by delaying some very important tariffs? Slip of the tongue? Why did the president give $28 billion of our tax dollars to the farmers? Just asking.
And Kudlow…the man who used to hate tariffs, who used to hate deficits and debt…but now they don’t matter.
Speaking of that:
Throughout all their appearances, throughout all their interviews not one damn question on over $22 trillion of debt and $1 trillion yearly deficits brought on by this administration and the rest of the maniacs throughout the years. Not one damn question about how debt and deficits hamper growth and provide headwinds to growth. Not one damn question about what happens when the market finally decides the bill comes due. Remember, nothing is bad until the market says so.
The president is right. If Sanders or Warren get their hands on the White House, just cut the Dow in half. They are advocating the complete taking over of the economy as well as massive, gargantuan, gigantic spending and tax hikes that will crush the economy. You don’t believe us? Just watch and listen to them..We think Biden is talking a bit like them for the primary but are sure he governs more moderately so much less worried about him in comparison to the two Marxists. And no…Marxist is not a reach. Just listen to them. There is not an industry they haven’t mentioned for breaking up or taking over while there is not a tax hike they don’t like or a tax cut they do like.
Thursday morning, we told you we thought markets look to be putting in a near term lows. Everybody and everything had turned wildly bearish while major indices were bouncing off of what we would call vital support. On cue, markets rallied. Somehow we went from the world ending Wednesday to maybe everything is fine on Friday. Do you see what one decent day will do to people’s psyche? We suspect there is more to go in this rally/bounce but also suspect things are going to remain mushy. At best, we suspect range-bound. Let’s not talk about what’s worst.
We continue to believe if we have another leg down, the fed will be forced to cut before the next meeting. This rally enables them to hold off for now. We continue to believe there are too many tweets and too many words on the market and the economy from the man in charge. We continue to be less than thrilled that every time the market gets in trouble, the administration is on the phone with financial chieftains. This last go round, he called the three big bankers. Wish we were a fly on the wall.
Europe…we believe some of Thursday and Friday was the latest from the maniacs in Europe. Even though they have negative yields and even though they have printed trillions, they are going to go even more negative and print even more trillions. And in a stroke of genius…not…they are looking to use conjured up money to buy stocks. And they think that will help? Can’t wait until the Euro is .75 to the dollar. Remember, every market downturn will continue to be met with more and more aggressive central bank intervention both here and around the globe.
Lastly, Epstein! Jack Ruby did it.Talk about the fix being in…
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    Victor says:

    Awesome commentary! Specially of Israel. A courageous People that withstands attacks from all sides and only retaliates to protect themselves. I’m a Roman Catholic and admire the resolve of the Jewish people. I wouldn’t worry too much about these freshman poli ticks. That’s all they are a bunch of insects sucking the blood of the people. I don’t think they’ll be doing that for long. We do need change, just not their kind. We need representatives to work for this Country and it’s Allies. I believe that the tariffs issue will continue until after the 2020 election. If the Dems loose and the rest of the poli ticks unite to defend our Democratic Republic. Long live liberty and the USA

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