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    Victor Cardinali says:

    Dear Gary, thank you for the market analysis.
    You loose me at your rants once again. You seem to be doing the same as those opposing the administration without knowledge or proof. You are very fast at calling names and throwing accusations but have no proof. The Chinese were targeting our Farms Products with tariffs. The President put tariffs on the Chinese and gave some of those profits to the Farmer. In the amount they had made prior to the tariffs. Is that a bad idea? To help those who are targeted by the trade dispute. In the same breath you call Trump a liar you state that you want proof that tariffs are being paid. There’s something called the freedom of information act, please seek the information before YOU attack and ACUSSE others Instead of talking and accusing out of ignorance or distrust do something about it and inform yourself. Then and only then make accusations. It’s like I “think” your dishonest and accuse you on what I think you are. Don’t forget Gary you are in the media and disinformation comes from those who have listeners. You have an obligation I Think to get the Facts before you spill your personal opinions. You’ve made a me money and saved me money. But I don’t care about your Rants. You are starting to sound like ungrateful partisan individual. Please focus on the markets. You’ll be better off for it.

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