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  1. Rich Miller
    Rich Miller says:

    Hi Gary –
    I met you briefly at a Financial Fest in Scottsdale a couple times and one was when Charles Payne was a guest.
    I have been a devoted listener for many years now and do really enjoy your show as I am a logic person
    as well and grew up on Star Trek and every other TV show which were called trash then and now every single one has
    practically been a movie or movie series! ANYWAY – see my important question…

    Main Question: Where the hell are all the so called great mind economists on the still surviving TARIFFS!? They were
    to be the fall and demise of the economy and tear down the middle class affordability of goods and services – BUT NO!
    There has been no mention of these menasing so called extra costs to US consumers – it is now simply inflation that is the concern… So the Dufus Trump did apparently learn some econ at UPen – Where is Gary Cohen on the Tariffs issue and
    as I recall Gary – You too were in the fold on how terribly bad they are and would be to the US Economy. Not proven to be
    true at all… Therefore, the Econ Books are wrong. You should address this issue in your show in the what ever else section perhaps and admit that you were not correct in your assessment.

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