The correction, so far, has been minor. Futures pop up nicely this morning as the fake jobs report will be out soon.

AMZN up $40+ because a fund manager is buying it.

BYND a $25 IPO closes at $66. The company has $87 million of sales, loses money but is given a $3.8 billion market cap.

Strong gaps this morning…OLED, SHAK, MELI, RMD, MNST to the upside. FTNT, ANET, FND, SWKS, GDDY, PLNT, CTSH, SRCL, EXPE gapping down. ANET was a leader…not any more. FTNT also looks like it is done for now.

Steve Moore out as a possible fedhead. Journalists were calling up women he knew 25 years ago asking them if he ever acted inappropriately towards them. These are actual people waking up in the morning to go out and try to destroy someone. And we wonder why we cannot get decent people running for office. I may write about my story over the weekend.