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    Victor Cardinali says:

    Hi Gary,
    Good show. It’s scary that I’ve been listening to you for many years and I’m starting to think like you when it comes to the market. I’m not as smart and do not claim to be. I’m listening to you more often now that Biden got me laid off. I worked and made the most money last year than ever before. I saw the axe coming down and saved for the downfall. I appreciate you talking about charities and The Boys and Girls Scouts of America, it’s on my list. Also Saint Judes children’s hospital and the San Fernando Mission in my area, the new one is the Salvation Army Food bank in L.A. why? It’s where I live but I’m sure you have them in your area. Thank you for mentioning the great job the scientists did (excluding FDA, CDC and mostly “Fauci”). But you forgot some, the one that made it all possible…. President Trump. I wonder why? If you won’t say it I will
    Thank you President Trump. My 86 year old Father was set to take the vaccine and I thought of telling him to wait. I thought what if something happens to him, then I thought what if he didn’t and then got the virus. How would I feel if something happened to him.
    He got sick for a day and fine overnight.
    I had the virus and kicked it’s arse. Not everyone can, I know I was lucky and didn’t get anyone else sick. What did I do? Nothing, but what the experts said to do. I’m happy to hear you talk about your wife. I lost mine 2 years ago and I can tell you I still live through her and she guides all my decision. All I have to do is think what she would say.
    And yes, nothing like a hug to and from your children and grandchildren to be happier.
    Don’t be a dush and recognize positive.
    Why do I bring up politics? Because you do.

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