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    Victor says:

    Hi Gary, I want you to know I appreciate your comments.
    I have to give our President the benefit of the doubt. Can you elaborate how you would change the narrative of this administration given the same hatred to his administration by not only the Countries that keep taking advantage of ours the Dems and even some in our own party. How do you hurt the China’s of the world in order to reign them into a level playing field? I feel in part guilty by buying the cheep crap from China because it was so cheep that all I had to do was keep buying it when it broke. That was until I realized that all I could do was buy their crap because our Cooperations and corrupt politicians bankrupted all of our industries. Until this President I always said we were becoming a country of salespeople and that the only things we manufactured were weapons of mass destruction and exhorting wars for profit. I still stand with my President. He may not be on the right on some of his policy but we’re all human and err. My basic point
    is… Respect, all of us listening want to hear positive ideas and solutions instead of destructive comments. As a Republican I swore if Obama delivered on the promises that mattered to me, that I would vote for him on his re-election. I could not vote for John MacCain. As for Obama… As my Republican friends said to me, you are an Idiot if you think Obama will do anything he promised. As for President Trump… The promises he’s kept are
    countless. Please understand I hold you and your show in the best of regards. Try not to get hanged up on the events that shape Wall Street. They are the source of much of the problems. Good luck Gods speed and Happy New Year, enjoy your Family, Friends and leave work at your office.

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