Questions that were not asked last night. As always, these questions contain lots of facts. (What a concept!)

Every one of you sounds like this country is going to hell in a hand basket. But unemployment is 3.5%. The U.S. is experiencing historic lows for Hispanics, blacks, women and the young ones. Why would you want to change economic policy when the job’s picture is still bright? And yes, we know that could change.
Senator Sanders: You have been in DC for 28 years. During that time, the debt of this country has gone from basically $0 to $22.5 trillion dollars. What is your culpability in all this? In fact, to all that have been in DC for many years, what is your culpability?
Senator Warren: Specifically, in dollars, how much do you want to take away from each wealth group to fund your medicare for all? Senator Warren…that’s not an answer. Let’s try again. Specifically, how much will each group up the ladder have to shoulder to pay for your medicare for all plan?
Senator Sanders: Your wealth confiscation wants to confiscate 8% per year on the super wealthy’s assets that have already been taxed…and in the past you have called for a 100% tax on any earnings above $1 million. First off, specifically, what will be your highest federal tax rate? As far as your wealth confiscation, in 12 1/2 years, you would have taken every dime these people did not earn but saved after taxes. Why do you think these people will stay in this country and keep their capital here? Do you realize every one of these people are meeting with their high priced lawyers and accountants right now preparing to get the heck out of Dodge if your poll numbers start to move up again?  Do you realize if there are no billionaires, there will be no taxes for you to collect from your so-called super wealthy?
Senator Warren…same question though your wealth tax is less than Sen Sanders but you are also calling for more wealth confiscation via your 14.8% social security tax and your 14.8% investment income tax on people making $250,000/year?
To anyone wanting medicare for all: Since we know every major program government has ever come out with was way over budget with some doubling original estimates, how are you certain that you’re $32 trillion for Medicare for all is not 64 trillion?
To anyone wanting medicare for all:  Look into the camera and tell the 150 million or so AMERICANS you are going to take away their choice on their health coverage. Excuse me…the camera is this way.
To anyone wanting medicare for all:  The NHS in the United Kingdom says they have major wait times, major shortages and major lines. That’s for doctors, nurses, emergency rooms, surgeries and everything else under the sun yet you all want a system that mimics it. How are you so sure that Americans won’t go through the same thing? After all, when there are no premiums, no co-pays and no deductibles, economics 101 says those products and services will be overused. Have you seen what happens at 7-11s when they give out free Slurpees?
Every day $3 billion is added to the public’s debt. Every day $1.5 billion of our tax dollars goes towards interest on that debt that has been created by many of you throughout the years. What are you gonna do about the debt?
Government spending has gone from $1.8 trillion in the year 2000 to nearing $5 trillion in the next year? Can you tell us where all this money is going to and why should we believe it’s being deployed efficiently and effectively? Based on these numbers, why should anyone give you more of their money?
Senator Sanders: You say your GREEN NEW DEAL will create 20 million jobs. Can you tell us exactly in what industries and if there is no demand for these jobs, who is going to pay these people?
To those that want to get rid of fossil fuels: How will anyone get to point A to point B? And if you try to slash the amount of flying, won’t that kill the economy?
To all proposing massive tax increases: What do you tell every American that wants to move up rungs of the ladder that every time they do move up, you are there to take more and more of their earnings? And if as they move up, you are taking more and more, how is anyone going to become wealthy? And if no one becomes wealthy, who are you left to tax? And if you have no wealthy left to tax, who will you go after next?
Senator Warren: Can you name an industry you have NOT proposed to take over, shut down or break up?
Senator Sanders: You keep yelling and screaming about climate change but we continue to see you flying private jets. What’s up with that?
Senator Sanders: You say your type of socialism is not Venezuela’s type of socialism. But if you google all of Chavez’ and Maduro’s policies, they mimic all of your proposals. Do you want to change your stance?
Mr. Steyer: Did you actually just tell America that billionaires are not a good thing? If that is true, are you willing to cut a check to the government right now to take your net worth $1 under $1 billion?
To all: Please tell us your highest tax rate and at what level of earnings. Please tell us every tax you would propose and at what level. BE SPECIFIC! (We suspect a slew of Ralph Kramdems would show up with “huminah huminah huminah.)
To all our peeps…these are simple questions. Notice we pick on the extremists more than others but all are in the soup. Notice we left out those that are polling less than root canal but acknowledge other proposals like just give out free money. Sure…dis-incentivize work. That will help.
These are specific questions that (my goodness) actually delve deep into economic policy that WE BELIEVE doesn’t just  border on the nonsensical but quite economically insane. Yes…some are more moderate than others but all think the wealthy, the successful, the producers are all a bunch of corrupt sleazebags that only care about their own lives. CNN had 3 hours, 3 hours of an opportunity to really dig deep into people that are vying for the leader of the free world position. But instead, we got the same old, same old.
And one last question to Anderson Cooper. With only 3 hours less commercials, you spent 20 minutes on impeachment on  the same day Nancy Pelosi says she will not take a vote on impeachment. Do you feel like you wasted a precious 20 minutes?
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    Philip Raczka says:

    Hi G. Gary, you never disappoint me with your intellect and common sense ! You have got to get that message out to the masses. Even more importantly than you running for President.
    Two, I won the nfl office pool. 9 right with 4 others. I won on total points on Browns game tiebreaker. So it’s all gravy now !! Phil

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    Peter Labarca says:

    It’s not a debate, it’s a fashion show. Who looks good, who sounds good, who got a good zinger in. Who didn’t have a heart attack ak ak ak. Kate McKinnon (SNL) must be happy because she gets to play two failed candidates and Alec Baldwin must be happy because he gets to play Trump for another four years.

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    Kenneth Gruneisen says:

    You would make a better debate moderator than anyone on the news. Thanks for speaking up, and always being nice!

    It is almost like a Saturday Night Live series, the way the government is now operating with a “reality” TV show host for president. Question – Are they ever going to lock up Adam Schiff or at least force/ask him to resign? Was anyone involved with the confirmed 2016 election meddling on the DNC side (Brazile, Wasserman-Schultz) ever go to jail, or were they promoted to higher positions? You don’t need to answer. Just wanted to chime in.

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    Tim Carter says:

    Finally you’ve focused on the total insanity that has been running this country for 30 years….instead of bashing Trump.

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    Doug Burkizer says:

    Gary, I would love to see you on the panel asking these questions but unfortunately for the American people you don’t fit the Democrat’s criteria for being a journalist…in other words “hack” for the communist party agenda.
    Would love to see interest rates at true market value and politicians who can make debt reduction and spending cuts a reality.
    I don’t believe in tooth fairies.

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    Victor says:

    Well put Gary.
    I believe with a passion that they are all lying. If they got elected would not do any of what they preach. They ate just an abomination and the worst that this political cycle has to offer. The most dishonest, self serving power hungry and corrupt people. They are mostly globalists that would sell us all in the first day in office. The corruption around the world, their leaders and ours would bankrupt all of us. If your neighbor next door made less money than you, it would not matter that he is lazy, you would end up paying his mortgage.
    It’s already happening with illegal aliens.
    These democrats are emboldenIng the resistance of the Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans, Russians and Europeans to hinder the trade and political differences between us. It is treasonous that every time we as a nation get any advantage in negotiations the communist Democrats tarnishes it immediately with accusations to diminish the powers of our administration. I am vocal against tyranny, corruption and injustice. It seems the Congress that’s supposed to uphold those laws and values are the most corrupt. May God and the good people of the USA save us all in the next election. Thank you Gary for giving us a voice. Proud Nationalized American.

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