First off…amazing stories, pictures and video of amazing survival, rescues, generosity and downright tenacity. We repeat…the best of this country…and in plain sight. If you want to donate, the best way is through the Red Cross.

Futures up a wee bit. Good reversal yesterday as major indices defended at or near support. Transports had an important day as they have been week. You can see the 8900-9000 area remains a vital area of support.

Keep in mind a couple of things:

It is end of month window dressing time even though it is illegal and does not happen.

More than half the market aint happening thus one needs to be sector and stock specific more now than in the recent past.

Flop and chop seems the name of the game in here as lows hold but been tough to get a foothold on the upside. There is nothing wrong with sitting for a while…as long as major support is not taken out.

ADI with decent gap to upside in the SEMICONDUCTOR space. DY is gapping down.