Futures down a bit. We said a couple days back it “felt” like market was stalling out and may be ready for some sitting/pull back/corrective work. We are getting a little bit of it but again, it is a no biggie. Pullbacks and settling in are not a bad thing. It is actually a necessity. So we sit back and see where it takes us. Again, so far, not much.

More gaps to the upside this morning. BBY, MELI, PANW, TNDM come to mind. This on top of AZO, DDS, ETSY yesterday. To be clear, it is good news to see a decent amount of strong reactions. Big gaps to the upside are very rare in bear markets.

And lastly, cost estimates of the New Green Deal are between a measly $53 trillion to over $90 trillion over 10 years. We think these numbers are low because it does not account for an economy that would go into the s—-ter. This would certainly raise the costs for this fantasy land nonsense. We will continue to be one of the biggest voices against these authoritarian dictators that want to run the world. They want to run your life. Tell you what to eat, what to drive, what to believe. They want you to believe they are altruistic but there is no altruism in power and control. They tell you higher taxes are to help others but they dont tell you that for every $1, maybe…just maybe 10 cents remains after all their bureaucratic nonsense and their payoffs to people who bow down. Just notice they will not tell you cost. They will not tell you how. They will just tell you the rich and successful are crooks, billionaires are immoral and people are poor because others are rich. We also want you to notice that all of these people have never run a business, created a dime of wealth and have actually not a clue how things work. More to come.

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  1. Peter LaBarca
    Peter LaBarca says:

    Might as well say the Green New Scam will cost a gazillion dollars. I was afraid they were going to come out with a plan that sounded rational and people would be fooled by it. Personally, I’m an environmentalist. I would love to see the U.S. double it’s electricity generated from solar and wind every ten years which is an actual doable goal. Carbon tax is a complete scam, they’ll take your money and never do anything with it. The Republicans ignore the environment completely and the Democrats give you the we’re all gonna die speech and then sell you a bunch of snake oil.

  2. Esteban Figueroa
    Esteban Figueroa says:

    The sad thing is that most people live check to check on jobs they dislike, barely making ends meet, if at all.
    These are the people the politicians pray on, since it’s an easy vote for them.
    It always an easy sell to the down-and-out to tell them you will free them from despair by giving them free stuff. Like religion, you offer a better life to the needy and they will go for it by the handful.

  3. Dean Millsaps
    Dean Millsaps says:

    You know Gary, i’m getting tired of fighting this moronic idea. It’s not Global Warming any more, especially with Las Vegas palm trees buried in the snow, but “Climate Change”. So I think i’ll join them. Let’s get the Republicans to sponsor some bills that will tax the rich %95…. Starting with those who make money from the film, entertainment, sports, news, and any other communist infested industry. Then any politician who sells books or makes a speech for millions, all fees and royalties %95.

  4. Carl L
    Carl L says:

    As others have said, this is about controlling their constituents, not about making a difference. I think the single largest action that could be done to reduce CO2 emissions would be for the US to help Japan restart the forty something nuclear plants still able to operate, particularly the two at Fukushima that were unaffected and situated further away from the coast. What better place to operate a nuclear plant than at a location which has already been evacuated? Green Deal advocates (GDAs) could stand up at global warming conferences and demand that Germany abandon the program of closing down their nuclear plants. Even if they have already replaced their capacity with solar, another nearby country could use the nuclear power capacity to displace their coal or gas generation. Then we could ask more from the GDAs. What about having them travel to India and demand that they exterminate their sacred cattle? After all, they pass gas. Is Bernie willing to stand up in Vermont and tell them they should no longer burn firewood? Has AOC thought about telling her constituents to stop using fuel oil and Nat gas for heat and replace the furnaces with heat pumps? Have them walk down California collecting dead wood for incineration in power plants fitted with carbon capture equipment. And whose idea was it to deforest 3 thousand plus acres to build a solar plant. Isn’t it the vegetation that absorbs the CO2 we produce?

    I bet she got the green deal idea from watching Hunger Games. The politicians live in modern metropolises, travel by monorail and the rest of us spend our lives mining lithium for nighttime solar power storage.

  5. Victor
    Victor says:

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    My prediction is that the Clintons will move to France and President Trump can say… I told you Hillary I wouldn’t pardon you.
    All of the animosity and biases against our President are rooted in the attacks by President Trump on crooked Hilary Clinton. Not because she’s innocent but the exact opposite. There in lies the problem that those that criticize the loudest are the most complicit with the Clintons (swamp creatures). About climate change… it started 20,000 thousand years ago when the 2 mile high Ice melted forming the Great Lakes ending the ice age. How many humans, cars, planes or factories were polluting then? Not a hoax, but Mother Earth will do what it does in spite of what we do. Cleaning up and leaving a better place for the next generation is a a moral principle, but the conversation should start with some smarts and not stupidity and fake promises.

    Great show as always!
    Never ever retire please!

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