Still no power at the Kaltbaum abode…but not complaining…as long as the Giants win tonight. ETA for power was supposed to be last night, maybe today…maybe tomorrow. I know Duke Energy people are working their asses off so will just deal with it. We are the lucky ones as sooo many have lost their homes.

Futures up a wee bit.

Forgot to mention machinery, rails and “stuff” like that on the move. We are 100% sure this is hurricane reconstruction-related and remains to be seen wether the moves last. Keep that in mind.

Again, the big story last week was the move in the SEMICONDUCTORS (SOX) which are so important to the market. Seeing a few upgrades and target raises in the group this morning. It always puzzles  me when an analyst misses a 100% move…then upgrades the stock…AND THE MARKET ACTUALLY LISTENS TO THAT ANALYST. Welcome to an easy money market. There is very little chance of market trouble if the SEMIS are moving out. Just scan the SOX going back the past 20 years and you will see what I am talking about. Very rare they have NOT led market.