The fake jobs report better than expected so rates backing up decently today…calling into question how much rate cutting will be done…hitting markets in the pre-market. The 10 year has backed up 0.86 to 2.039…still ridiculously low. GOLD sinking on this news.

Instead of being long winded…we’ll just end it here and send you full report over the weekend. Remember, any pullback this second is a no biggie. If markets are to go higher, pullbacks are warranted and needed.  But if biog distribution shows up, that will be another story we will tell you about. Hope you had a great holiday.


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    Carl L says:

    Interesting you would say 10 year Treasury yield is ridiculously low at 2.039% when 10 y bund is negative. Quite a situation that EU has gotten themselves into when no one will invest in new EU businesses even if the cost of money is essentially free. A stunning example that monetary policy can only do so much and sometimes it is ineffective when regulatory and tax policy makes investment so uninviting as it is in the EU.

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