Quiet! But again, market refuses to budge. Any weakness is sopped up. EASY MONEY RULES! Yellen stating she will roll back QE is laughable. Already said she would reprint if markets fall. Really?

VSAR…as this is written, the stock is trading at $3…down $18.60. That is not a typo. Another BIOTECH with no sales with a ridiculous market cap that is trying to develop drugs that in trials, the —-did not work. Just a reminder…pick your poison. Know what you are getting into. Know risk. Measure risk. Of course, there have been plenty of “no sales” biotechs do well. In fact, we have seen a few of these names bought out. We are just giving you a head’s up!


Been one hell of a week. Would like to complain about not having power for 9 days but had a tiptoe through the tulips compared to many others. Full report over the weekend.