Lots of jello moving on the plate this morning…while futures are flat:

PCLN down $160…yikes. Others gapping down are CAR, TRIP, SWKS, RRGB, TRUE, MNK, VERI, FN. Some are very big gaps to the downside.

WTW breakway gap to the upside…the same on RCL. Others to the upside are VRX, HAIN, MTW.

Other notes:

Keep energy on the screen. Pullbacks preferable after this recent move.

Commodities again perking up as copper prices rise.

Watching shippers also. They have been destroyed but also seeing them turn up.

Housing also continues strong but need new set-ups.

We would really love to see some correction. This enables one to figure out where the real strength is. But so far, nothing doing.