Seeing beta up as targets get raised for names like NVDA, NFLX. NFLX reports Monday.

Seeing better action in weaker dollar plays. OILS strong this morning…been range-bound past couple of weeks. Seeing some STEEL names setting up.

Keep in mind, this has all happened pre-earnings. Earnings will change the playing field. CITI (C) hit yesterday but BLACKROCK (BLK) strong past two days.

This morning, BAC flat on numbers…WFC hit a bit. A ton of names next week. Pay attention.

Lastly, Fedhead Rosengren says he is concerned prolonged low rates spurs a reach for yield! I am beside myself reading this. After 8 years of $trillions of printed money, 0% rates, negative rates, and assinine yields on income investments, HE IS NOW WORRIED? Have any of you seen yields on European junk debt? Have any of you seen what rates are in Europe and Japan? My goodness. These easy money dolts!