Back in the states. Tired, jet lagged but glad to be home. Biggest problem I have is my Giants. Geez!

Futures up a bit with earnings coming out in droves starting later this week. The most important part of the equation near term is that the “glamour” types started getting a bid again last week into earnings. Nothing bad about that but again, know when earnings come out as it is a roulette game during that time.

On top of that, semis and financials remain in gear. Need not go further than that as they are the straws that stir the drink.

After I get some sleep, will report on my observations on the nonsense that continues in this great country of ours…from both sides.

And lastly….sentiment is off the charts. I will be saying that a lot as long as it doesn’t change. Doesn’t mean anything as sentiment is a secondary indicator. Just something to keep in the file manager as complacency is way up.

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  1. Michael Giometti says:

    I have given up on the Giants. Now committed to the Bucks.
    The Giants, 49er’s, and the Bears have become “use-to-be’s.

  2. nina centofanti says:


    glad that you and your wife are back in the state safe. You are my favorite financial talk radio and I always look forward to hear information about politics and financial. I agree with you 100% about PRES. TRUMP. You should try to see if you can have some kind of connection with him and include Mr. Cavuto with you. Another very good man. A good think we can be thankful that Hilary is not the pres. Will be listening to you in the early morning. I do also like Adam when he is on. THANK YOU

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