We have power. Never thought I would appreciate lights and air conditioning so much. I want to thank Duke Energy for working their arses off as well as the contractors who came from other states to assist. What a massive job they have had. I saw a few people complain. How the hell do you complain when millions were out of power and there is just so many who can restore it? On top of that, many of the workers were also affected by the hurricanes. Unreal.

Futures up. Strong day yesterday

led by financials and semis. What can be wrong with that? Let me just say there remains a lot of doubt on the markets…which is kinda sorta amazing. Will have a complete report tonight as I am back to full strength.

Lastly, fed meeting this week. I love the fact that markets hardly follow any more. But gonna get interesting if central banks start selling their trillions of assets they have bought to raise asset prices. They had better do it slowly.

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    Butch says:

    Having to live without power is like living in the stone age. You don’t realize how dependent you are on electricity until you lose it for a few days. Been there, done that. As an aside, the most popular people on the block were the crews restoring the power during the hurricane aftermath. God bless them all.

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