Office back up…house still down…but being told by Sunday!

2 big hurricanes with massive losses, North Korea, another attempted London terror attack (did not fully detonate), inept Washington…and markets still cannot correct more than 2%. In fact, a few indices have gone topside.  When markets ignore supposed bad news and actually go up, it is the best of worlds. Until that changes, no arguing. Markets (price) is always reality.

The SOX looks ready to move out to new highs. This is very important as it has led the market. On top of that, better tone in worst areas does not hurt. On top of that, may be getting some clarity on corporate tax reform.

Futures have hardly budged. The Nikkei hardly budged even though a missile flew overhead.

A full set of reports for you this weekend. A lot of whining and complaining.

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    Tim Funk says:

    “When markets ignore supposed bad news and actually go up, it is the best of worlds”

    You’ve been fully propagandized. You have fully accepted pavlov conditioning.
    Prescribed pavlov conditioning, because Vix is clearly being suppressed in the
    face of obvious-beyond-obvious increasing headline risk.
    What a failure of Wall st delusion, again. Bizarre greed normalcy failure. Boombust was solved right?

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    Jim says:

    A testament to the main market driver – money that was printed, handed to bankers and still sloshing around proping every drop. Why did we have a FINANCIAL crisis in 2008? The banksters made risky, leveraged, bad trades and ran out of money. Cant prop w/o $$. Solution. Give them $. You and I and Aunt Mary cant move markets.

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