Futures flattish but a few things:

ECB will continue to print a trillion/year and keep rates negative “well past the horizon of their net asset purchases!” In other words, if they ever stop printing money, negative rates forever. They know not what they do as they think they are heroes. When the world prints trillions to buy assets, asset prices go up…until they are stretched…and then…

We are preparing for Irma. Those in South Florida should have already been done. Gas is limited. Traffic is congested. Here in Orlando, if the track stays the same, the eye should be around Daytona Beach 2 am Monday morning or surrounding area as it passes. Expectations are that Irma will be a CAT 3 or less as it moves over Florida. We expect gusts up to 100 mph with lots of rain and possibility for tornadoes. South Florida and the Keys look to be much worse. Here is the best view. It is updated every 3 hours.

Stay safe. Do not screw with this. Always err on the side of caution.