NDX futures down a big 50…S&P down much less percentage-wise…50…

North Korea front and center…more on that in another report. Markets moved down on North Korea yesterday. We think that’s part of today but also…lots more blow-ups.

DIS on blah numbers…and ESPN issues. And personally, tired of turning on ESPN  and not seeing highlights but instead seeing wall to wall defending of Kaepernick. I couldn’t give a crap about Kaepernick. Give me highlights. Bring back Chris Berman. ESPN is making sports unfun! And that’s hard to do.

NFLX down almost $7 because DIS says bye bye.

PCLN down $134…gapped down last earnings and turned back up. We shall see this time. This really hurting NDX. Other gaps to the downside:

MXL, TRUE, FOSL, MYL, WB, SINA, Z, NUAN, JAZZ, LITE…not much happening on the upside.