The NASDAQ and NDX are below the 50 day this second. Don’t blink.

Futures are up but off highs. The administration backed off of the leak from Friday of restricted CHINA investments but now saying it was 50% fake…whatever that means. A few CHINA names like BABA gapping up a bit. You know what we think of all the noise coming from Pennsylvania Avenue.

GOLD has another  gap to the downside this morning. GOLD and SILVER starting to under-perform with the GDX now below the 50 day.

OIL PRICES sinking into the abyss again.

AAPL got a target raise. AAPL and GOOGL remain constructive but going no place fast. Other FAANG names are toast.

Impeachment? What’s that? All this noise but no talk that all these government officials on both sides have brought us to $22.5 trillion of debt and $1 trillion+ yearly deficits. 3 CARD MONTE!