Futures reverse down as China puts tariffs on the U.S. in a retaliatory measure. Powell yaps today. Thrilled yet that we cannot have a day with central bank or trade noise?

Our stance remains…China is a bad player but this administration has read China all wrong. They are not lying down and are not going to lie down and we promise you one thing…if this escalates, look out. Not kidding.

Have a great weekend.

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    Larry Glickman says:

    President Trump is fighting for a correction of all the inequities in trade and defense spending that has been heaped on the USA for decades. Sadly the President is not the smooth talker that Obama was and so he lacks the support that Obama got for example while losing our technology to China and with tariffs the Europe put on the USA for cars and virtually everything else. If the people of the USA decide to fault the President for fighting for a fair deal with China, and Europe then we will all sigh a day of relief only to go bankrupt over time to China’s gain and Europe’s eventual collapse to Russia and China. Angela Merkels decision to contract with Russia for natural gas while skimping on NATO spending shows that the USA is still a cow to be milked by Germany and other countries who wish that the USA continues to be the world’s patsy. We can adjust and make things in the USA and secure our future.

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