Futures are flat. No really. No 300 points to the upside or 500 points to the downside.

We are not as thrilled as some with the latest jack to the upside. but we recognize Powell got some things going on this week and the great socialist President Trump jawboning Powell for not only lowering rates by a whole point but wants more printing of money. The president used to rail against Bernanke and Obama for their easy money. My how things change once in power.

Ok…socialist Gary? You are calling the president a socialist? Well,…giving away $28 billion of our tax dollars to farmers because of tariffs is socialism. Raising federal spending on 2 budgets by $600 billion is socialism. Running $1 trillion yearly deficits is socialism. Of course, there are levels of socialism…and this president is nowhere near the nightmares of Sanders and Warren but nevertheless, we expected much better. Hopefully he sees the error of his ways but so far, nothing doing.

Taking our time here.

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    les brown says:

    Hi Gary,
    He is doing what is necessary to avoid socialist takeover and disaster. He is playing his cards to get the long term outcome with China. You want a military that doesnt have to go to museums to get spare plane parts you have to give the dems equal money to blow on bullshit.
    Second term will be different. He already said he will tackle the deficit problem in his second term. Watch your words and give the best president in our lifetime a break.

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      Rusty says:

      Must be a youger fellow, can’t remember Ron Reagan. I will stick with Trump. I dont know why he does what he does but i dont know everything. I know at least he has a spine and stands up to the spineless in Washington.

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