Wait…stop. We didn’t know markets go down.

A little rough patch? Markets are overdue. Doesn’t mean the end of the world. Again, markets do go down.

As of this juncture, nothing but a pullback. Indices a little stretched and extended to the upside. A pullback towards moving averages would actually beneficial.

Earnings in droves starting this Friday with a few financial names.

To tell us if it will be more than a pullback, we make note of how many areas and how many stocks are breaking down. We will be on it if it starts to get hairy.

ECB announced this morning negative rates for the rest of the year. (They will never be able to roll things back!) Have you seen the charts of European banks?

Trump watching every tick. Seems all thoughts go towards keeping markets going. Calling for more QE. You know what we think of this.

Trump putting Stephen Moore and Herman Cain for the fed. No chance Cain even gets to nomination. Better chance for Moore.

Watch this Dwyane Wade video.