Futures down a wee bit. Nah…markets do not go down.

BOEING (BA) no help and now airlines are asking for compensation for losses. We have outlined for you our worries with the stock right now. Just too much uncertainty is still out there.

The SEMIS will never have a down day again.

Watching about 10-15 software names that were leading but now have pulled back into the 50 day average. Important they hold.

18 Dems now trying to be the prez. If you added up all their tax proposals, there would be no money left in the pockets of Americans. More on that tomorrow.

IMF lowers world GDP. We had no idea…and they are still too high and we still do not know what the IMF does.

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    doug burkizer says:

    The emperor has no clothes and neither do government treasuries. Who are they fooling?
    From European socialists to the US treasury, that is naked to the tune of 21 trillion not counting unfunded liabilities ($200+ trillion?)
    Yet we pretend as though it is all okay and will be okay.
    Tic tock.

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